Wednesday, September 22, 2010

well today was boring hoping to get some visitors to my blog

Starbucks Mocha Frappes......I'm amazed myself

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

    1 cup nondairy milk (if using sweetened vanilla flavor, use only 2 tablespoons sugar)
    2 cups ice, or to preference
    3/4 cup COLD double strength coffee (use twice the amount of coffee powder)
    3 tablespoons vegan chocolate syrup
    3 tablespoons sugar


Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until ice is crushed and smooth (unless you like it chunky, that is).

And VOILA! Enjoy! Simple, i know. Cheaper, I know. Delicous? no. It is delectable. :DDD

Source of recipe: My mom got this recipe, and I veganized it. It REALLY does taste like the real thing, and after I saw the recipe, I realized how much starbucks is a rip-off lolYou can find a recipe for vegan whipped cream if u want it to have the topping. Smiley

Makes: 2 Grandes, Preparation time: short, Cooking time: no cooking required

currently made these taste great 


  1. no prob i am a caffine freak im just lazy atm hard days work looking for a new freaking job thanks economy now my feet hurt to even find work

  2. Interressing blog, if you keep publishing recipe, I like coffee so much. But I drink only classic coffee, everyday at every moment.
    It's quite boring but i'm tottaly addict.

  3. indeed good sirs i shall post more check back

  4. im gonna try this recipe in a couple moments myself

  5. i like your post !!

  6. Great blog, man!

    Hope you`ll check out mine as well.

  7. lol this may be something that a terrible cook like myself can make